What is Flavaroo?

Flavaroo is a sugar replacement that sweetens, flavours and adds colour to your food without adding calories, fat, sugar or carbohydrates.

How Does Flavaroo Work?

Flavaroo contains a blend of natural flavourings and sucralose. We chose sucralose as the sweetener as it tastes very similar to sugar and has the advantage of being calorie free. The drops concentrated flavour can be used to sweeten a wide variety of food products without guilt.

No Fat. No Sugar. No Carbohydrates. No Calories. No Allergens.


Low fat yogurt is transformed with a few drops of Flavaroo, providing great taste and adding colour, making it more appealing to kids.


Try adding 7 drops of Flavaroo into a glass of milk to create a great tasting milkshake without adding sugar or fat.

Ice Cream

Add a few drops of Flavaroo to sugar free ice cream and mix and match flavours!


Are you looking to liven up your breakfast and add flavour without adding fat or sugar? Flavaroo can be added to porridge, bran and other cereals.


Keen baker? Flavaroo is bakestable and can be added to cakes to reduce sugar content without loss of flavour. Give it try, you won’t be disappointed.


Try adding a few drops of Flavaroo to your morning coffee. Unlike other coffee flavouring syrups, there is no added fat or sugar to worry about.